Surviving Core Fusion Extreme

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Jun 16, 2015 12:17:38 PM

Core Fusion Extreme launched at Exhale Battery Wharf this weekend and I couldn't wait to try it out Saturday morning. Bergen Wheeler, one of Exhale’s master teachers and a co-creator of Extreme, led the class which was offered for free. My friend Kristen and I went together, and both agreed, Extreme was the perfect word to associate with this class.

Upon checking in, we were assigned numbers, ranging 1-5, for the 5 stations that would be part of the circuits. Unlike other Exhale classes, we are required to wear sneakers. This class is modeled off of high intensity interval training programs. Literally, you don't stop moving. 



When you walk into class, you go to the station designated on the card you received when you first walk in. Each of the 5 stations contains 2 different exercise and you run through the sets twice. So, in a nutshell, you do 20 exercises in one circuit and then repeat it all over again! Fun fact, these exercises will be changing each month! Each exercise is done for 40 seconds and then after the 2 sets, you have 10 seconds to move to the next station.

Bergen was an amazing teacher and explained and demonstrated each exercise throughly before starting. During the circuit, she constantly motivated and encourgaed the class plus gave helpful tips on how to do the exercises better. If you ever find yourself at an Exhale location where she is teaching I definetely recommend taking one of her class. Plus she is in AMAZING shape.

So did I like the class? Yes but I was surprised at how hard it was. The exercises themselves weren't difficult, it was the constant motion and the repetition that tired me out fast. And I go to classes 5-6 days a week. Plus, this class was a lot different than typical Exhale classes. The class kept the basics in place too, making sure to focus on alignment and core strength.

I recommend wearing shorts, a tank and bringing a towel. I was dripping sweat and I am not a sweaty person, even working out. I would say bring water but I didn't even have time to drink it. You are moving so fast that drinking water is the last thing on your mind. You just don't want to pass out. After the round of exercises at the first station, I was out of breath and sweating. I would like to say it gets better but it is tough. 

Will I try it again? I want to! I signed up for class this Wednesday night. My body is pretty sore today, 2 days after, but since the exercises are so different than what I am used to I expected it. 

Have you tired Core Fusion Extreme? What did you think?

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