Mixing Prints with Floral and Stripes/Plaid

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Jun 17, 2015 12:41:00 PM

I love mixing prints. Cautiously, mixing prints that is. A few years ago I found myself loving the look of stripes, either the top or bottom, combined with a floral, either a top of bottom. I have a few favorite outfits that combined this cool mxing print effect ranging from skirts and button ups, to striped pants with a floral tank. 

Thin stripes in a neutral color tend to work best (think blues, tans, blacks, etc.) and it should pull in a color from the floral. Not always a must but I find it works the best. 

For any mixing pattern inspiration, I always turn to the J.Crew website and catalog. They pair everything so perfectly well together and take away any hesitations that you might have with the color and print combinations.

One of my absolute favorite outfits is my neon yellow/green embroidered floral skirt with my navy/white plaid button up. 



Next I think I might try polka dots with some stripes. 

Would you try this combination?



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