L*Space Swim Haul and Review

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Apr 25, 2018 2:49:23 PM

Without a doubt, I have a bathing suit addiction. Somehow, I end up buying at least 3-5 new bathing suits each year and continue to wear ones from the past. Yes, I know, more bathing suits than one girl needs especially considering how many beach/pool worthy weekends in a year Boston has. And all of those tropical vacations I have yet to plan for the year...

Anyways, I have been wanting to purchase a suit from L*Space however I could never get myself to commit to such a high price point. I have spurlged and written about my experience with Triangl suits but L*Space even comes in higher, with just a top or a bottom costing the same as an entire suit from Triangl.

However, due to some luck with my Instagram scrolling, I saw that they were having a flash warehouse sale with everything ay least 75% off. Yes, 75% off. I was able to score 4 bathing suits for around $150, the cost for maybe one, if you are lucky. 

Here are the ones that I purchased:


My favorite- the black/turquoise palm print.

I tried to get a variety of colors/patterns so everything would look different and I wouldn't feel so bad about purchasing four.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about the cutouts, straps, etc. since I don't want to have any funky tan lines but I was able to convince myself that it was worth it and they are so different from what I typically purchase.

The first thing I noticed when I got them, tiny! Typically I am always a small/x-small and ordered a small in both the top and bottom. I recommend sizing up on the bottom. I found the top to be true to size. Important to note, depending on the suit, some tops are lined and some are not so pay close attention to the descriptions! Also, their bottoms come in a lot of different styles so make sure you pay attention to what you are ordering. With all of the suits, I noticed that each bottom fit a bit differently even though they were all the same cut. I ended up ordering a medium in one bottom just because they were sold out in a small and it fit so much better. 

Besides the size, the quality of the suits are really great. I notice that sometimes suits can be flimsy or a really thing material that makes you wonder if you will be able to make it last through the season. L*Space material is really thick but not too thick, just sturdy. The colors are also vibrant and are true to what you see on their website. 

If you are at all nervous about ordering them online, I definitely recommend finding a store that sells them (I haven't had much luck finding stores around the Boston area) to be able to try them on. If you are willing to give it a go online, consider ordering a size up. 

All items arrived to me pretty quickly even with it being a sale. If you do happen to find yourself buying during a warehouse sale, they will tell you the ordering/processing will take longer than expected. Even with this, I did find the shipping to be only a couple of days delayed than a normal online order you would place.

L*Space also offers clothing as well. I haven't checked it out or purchased pieces but they do look pretty cool and in the same laid back LA style as the suits. Even though I am not a one-piece suit type of girl (I don't own one!) they have a really great selection that even I would consider trying.

Would I buy from L*Space again? Yes! However I might wait until they have another one of their great sales. And I think I might be fully stocked on bikinis for this season. 


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