Chicken Tostadas

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Aug 4, 2014 4:56:25 PM

Mexican food is possibly one of my all time favorite foods. And Italian. And maybe Greek. Ok, so I like lots of food. I think it is the mix of bold flavors and spice that have me hooked. Plus who doesn't like tacos? I am always on the hunt for new recipes to try and I stumbled upon this one for chicken tostadas last summer and it has been a year round favorite since.

The great thing about this recipe is that it is super easy to make, healthy and can feed a crowd without altering the recipe a lot. If you find it hard to incorporate veggies into your meals a lot, this is a great option to sneak them in there.

I follow the recipe I found on Cooking Light and you can find the complete recipe here: Chicken and Summer Vegetables Tostadas

chicken_tostadas  2_chicken_tostadas

I do tweak the recipe a bit to make t fit into my taste a bit more but as a whole, this recipe is beyond amazing!

Here are some of my revisions/additions:

  • Use fresh corn! It takes an extra 10-15 minutes but it is so worth it when it comes to taste
  • Add a little more cumin to the chicken. It browns the chicken nicely in the pan and adds more flavor.
  • Add extra cilantro and lime right before you eat them and I have learned to put the cilantro in right at the end, I feel like cooking it for too long takes away the flavor.
  • To crisp the tortillas, skip the cooking spray and broil them in the oven, flipping sides so they don't burn. 


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