Are Bubble Necklaces Out?

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Jul 22, 2014 6:37:48 PM

If you are anything like me you have about 3-5 bubble necklaces in a variety of colors. Personally, I have 7 ranging from black to pink to blue to white. Last year I think I wore them with any outfit I possibly could but now it seems like no one is wearing them. Are they out of style?

According to the fashion blog Who What Wear (make sure you bookmark this blog, it is amazing and lends great photos for style inspiration) these necklaces are a trend they are totally over. You can read about it here plus some other trends that shouldn't be sitting in your closet. Not only does this great blog think they are totally a faux pas item, I haven't seem them on any sites lately to purchase or on people out and about in the city.

But I am reluctant to say that they are. Maybe it is because they look so fun, come in so many colors, enhance an outfit, and were not cheap, I don't want to toss them. I still think that some outfits, like jeans and a plain tee can totally benefit from one of these necklaces. However, the ways that I wore them last year I might retire. I would pair them with anything even it is contained a pattern or bright color while this year I am going more simple. But despite my love for them, I still haven't worn one once this year! 

I have noticed that this year, like the current trends you see at J.Crew, I am going for the shorter, more chunkier necklaces. And I am also veering towards more bracelets and watches paired with simple studs.To me it feels more sophisticated and pulls together an outfit nicely.

What do you think about bubble necklaces? Still in style? Or a total flop?


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