Hi, I'm Lauren, a girl always on the run living and working in the city of Boston. I absolutely love fashion and always on the search for new outfits. I also love to share good product finds and other things that make life that much more enjoyable. 
Things I Love
Books (the paper kind) 
White roses and pink peonies
The smell of garlic and clean laundry
Perfectly ironed clothes
Good coffee
Early bed times
Neutral colors
Any dessert involving chocolate and massive amounts of sugar
90s music
I Believe That...
Salt water and fresh air can cure just about anything
Fresh baked cookies equal instant happiness
True friends really are hard to find and worth the journey to find them
A good night's sleep can change everything
A walk truly can clear your head
Workouts are not only great for your body but your mental health
You are stronger than you think you are
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