Abercrombie & Fitch Reinvented

Posted by Lauren Peresada on Jun 5, 2015 9:02:10 AM

A few weeks ago I found myself needing new jean shorts for the summer. I haven't purchased any in at least 4-5 years since I usually just wear them to the beach and I struggle to find shorts that actually fit me both length wise and on the waist.

I decided to pop into Abercrombie & Fitch since I was seriously struggling in my jean short quest because I had always found their jeans to fit perfectly (yes I do have a couple of pairs that I still wear!) and I loved a pair of jean shorts I purchased there years ago. WELL not only did I pick up two pairs of jean shorts on sale, I found myself obsessed with their clothes and end up purchasing two t-shirts, a romper, a white lace crop top and a floral dress. 

Their clothes aren't how you remember them, little mooses everywhere and being too tight to fit into any realistic size. Also, their prices are really affordable compared to what they were when I was in high school and couldn't justify spending close to $100 on jeans. I am the first one to hate logos and shun the flannel and flip flops that used to be the epitome of Abercrombie. 

I even did some research online and found a couple of articles written talking about the reinvention of Abercrombie and how "...Abercrombie is trying to reposition the look and feel of its product by rediscovering its heritage campus roots..." (click here to read more.) Their clothes are classic and put together yet still air on the side of carefree. Plus it helps that the sizing is actually true to size (how many of you remember being a small and had to purchase an extra large shirt). 

What impressed me with their clothes, besides the price point, was how versatile and classic each piece was. Everything from the jean shorts and tees could easily be dressed up or down and worn to work. Nothing makes life easier than having pieces that can easily transition for anytime of day and different events. 





What are your thoughts on Abercrombie's new styles? Will you shop there?

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